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The Munda Biddi Epic 1000 is coming!

By David Bomba

The Munda Biddi Cycle Trail  is nearing completion.  It has been an epic effort to get to this point and the official opening of the whole cycle trail (1000km long) will occur very soon. It will be the longest cycle trail of its kind in the world!!!

26 lucky riders will be undertaking the first Munda Biddi Epic 1000 Ride. These riders will be the first officially registered cyclists to complete the Munda Biddi Trail from end to end. The riders will leave from Albany at midday on April 7 and finish at Mundaring (outside of Perth) on Sunday April 28, 2013.

Get your bike ready, set, go! Join in the action by accompanying the cyclists on a stage of their journey.



About the author: David Bomba, founder & director, a leader in ecotourism @OutofSightTours. He specialises in tour guiding, adventure, innovation and social media. Connect with David on  Google+

Posted by: adventuredoctor | February 6, 2013

Help spread the word about Bibbulmun

On the Bibbulmun track, near Denmark

On the Bibbulmun track, near Denmark (Photo credit: travelskerricks)

By David Bomba

Have you heard about the Bibbulmun? We all need a little bit of inspiration from time to time. I find my greatest source of inspiration by doing walks on the Bibbulmun Track. Sometimes getting away into nature can help clear the mind, a little bit like when you travel and experience new things, it’s a real buzz.

Do yourself a favour and go for a walk but if you really want to experience something extra special then think about the Bibbulmun, not just a bushwalk but a real adventure!  As a new year resolution I’ll also be blogging from now on about the Bib so have a look at my new walking blog and let me know what you think 🙂

About the author: David Bomba, founder & director, a leader in ecotourism @OutofSightTours. He specialises in tour guiding, adventure, innovation and social media. Connect with David on  Google+

Posted by: adventuredoctor | January 18, 2013

Happy eco explorers having a tree change

A great day out exploring the forest and learning about our unique ecology and the biodiversity of our region. Need more inspiration? See world class landscapes.

Eco explorers

Posted by: adventuredoctor | December 31, 2012

Happy new year everyone!


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Adventurers of the world unite


This blog post is about inspiring all you eco adventurers out there. Dr Dave is compiling a list of great eco adventure blogs/posts/photographs/videos from around the world.

To get you inspired see Dr Dave’s adventure post

Happy eco adventures!

Out of Sight

Posted by: adventuredoctor | November 29, 2012

Great walks of Australia

One of the best walks in Australia … amazing landscapes, stunning scenery, forests, coastlines … memories to last you a lifetime.

Day walks on The Bibbulmun Track with Out of Sight Tours in The Great South West Edge of Western Australia. Dare to step out of your comfort zone. Would you like to do some of the best parts of the Bibb? To read more about the Bibbulmun Track just read an earlier post by following the link here.

Posted by: adventuredoctor | November 12, 2012

On a walking high with Volendam

Passengers from the MS Volendam enjoying a taste of the Bibbulmun Track with Dr Dave and loving it! There’s nothing like a walk in the great Australian outdoors to celebrate life’s amazing achievements 🙂

Posted by: adventuredoctor | October 31, 2012

Cruising around the world

A great day out sightseeing in Albany & Torndirrup National Park with cruise ship passengers from Radiance of the Seas – a private celebrity charter for World Class Travel USA.

Look who’s guiding them in and around! 🙂



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Get wild about wildflowers

Tour surprise of the week:  Bull Banksia –   Banksia grandis

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We all need a bit of care

Every one needs a hand from time to time.  Take time out to look after loved ones. How are you doing?

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