Who is the Adventure Doctor?

Who is the Adventure Doctor?

The inspiration and driving force behind Out of Sight Tours was Dr Dave – the Adventure Doctor.

Dr Dave stands on the precipice at West Cape Howe
Dr Dave at West Cape Howe on the southern-most tip of Western Australia

In Southern Africa the jungle boy (now the Adventure Doctor) was born. As a child he defied death in his encounters with black mambas and angry hippos. A few years later he sailed away to the Land of Oz (Australia) in search of new adventures.

Captured by a fascination with scientific discovery he spent many years in the dungeons of academia working at the cutting edge of healthcare innovation. Occasionally, he would escape to the wild backcountry of Australia’s Mt. Kosciusko region or trek through some of the world’s great national parks. Luckily he escaped from his research laboratory and reclaimed the spirit of adventure, which he found after trekking across the Nullarbor to the south west of an ancient land known as Gondwanaland.

These days you will find him climbing the majestic peaks of the Stirling Ranges; bushwalking on the Bibbulmun Track amongst the rare and awe inspiring tingle trees of the Walpole Wilderness area; exploring the rugged coastline of West Cape Howe National Park; or soul surfing in the Great Southern Ocean. Or, maybe you’ll just find him enjoying a nice glass of wine at one of Denmark’s many wineries, talking about past adventures and adventures yet to be had!

On the more serious side…

About the author: Dr Dave has had a variety of life and career experiences. Each of these stories in themselves, but life moves on. The one constant in his life is writing. You can find out more at: www.DTBomba.com


  1. Denmark is WA is a beautiful location. All the best with your eco-tourism it is the way of the future.

  2. Looks like you’re having fun

  3. Dr Dave! It’s Ash from UOW. Good to see everything is going well. Drop me a line when you have some spare time.

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