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South West regional tourism and biodiversity workshops

By David Bomba

Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

Out of Sight Tours, through training provider AVANA, is running a series of tourism and biodiversity workshops for tour guides and people working in the tourism industry. The workshops will be delivered by industry specialists.
Sessions include servicing customer needs and dealing with diversity; geology of South Western Australia; regional flora identification; principles and responsibilities behind minimal impact tourism; and local Aboriginal culture and heritage.
Individuals and organisations can attend one or more sessions. All sessions will be held in Albany with numerous field trips to local sites. The program will be delivered over five days from May 27-31. For more information contact Dan Butt on (02) 8908 7323.
We all need training and refreshing from time to time whether you are an old hand in the industry or you are new to tour guiding and eco-tourism. We encourage you to go along, don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to improve or update your skills, Dr Dave himself will be there in the flesh so go along and say g’day!

About the author: David Bomba, founder & director, a leader in ecotourism @OutofSightTours. He specialises in tour guiding, adventure, innovation and social media. Connect with David on  Google+

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