Posted by: adventuredoctor | February 6, 2013

Help spread the word about Bibbulmun

On the Bibbulmun track, near Denmark

On the Bibbulmun track, near Denmark (Photo credit: travelskerricks)

By David Bomba

Have you heard about the Bibbulmun? We all need a little bit of inspiration from time to time. I find my greatest source of inspiration by doing walks on the Bibbulmun Track. Sometimes getting away into nature can help clear the mind, a little bit like when you travel and experience new things, it’s a real buzz.

Do yourself a favour and go for a walk but if you really want to experience something extra special then think about the Bibbulmun, not just a bushwalk but a real adventure!  As a new year resolution I’ll also be blogging from now on about the Bib so have a look at my new walking blog and let me know what you think 🙂

About the author: David Bomba, founder & director, a leader in ecotourism @OutofSightTours. He specialises in tour guiding, adventure, innovation and social media. Connect with David on  Google+



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