Posted by: adventuredoctor | September 14, 2011

Lonely Planet’s tips for a(voiding) mid-life crisis

A recent edition of Lonely Planet's guide to A...

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Are you having a mid-life crisis? Lonely Planet recommends you grab your bike and go for a ride on the Munda Biddi. I’m not kidding – check it out    And if your not having a crisis grab your bike anyway – it might help to avoid one! For more background on the Munda Biddi see my earlier post  


  1. Haven’t ridden in the Nannup area – only walked – could be wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Anita – I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Looks like you are a keen cyclist. Maybe we’ll see you on the Munda Biddi one of these days.
      Also like your blog. Following your dreams – the only way to go!


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