Posted by: adventuredoctor | August 17, 2011

Wildflowers of Western Australia

The Native Kangaroo Paw This is the red variet...

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Spring time (Sept – Nov) in Western Australia (WA) is always an amazing time to be out in the national parks. The parks come alive with colour and there is a lot to be seen, over 12 000 plant species in WA. The south west of WA is incredibly rich in plant biodiversity and we have about 9000 and hence our reputation as a biodiversity hotspot. It is the only one in Australia so certainly worth visiting.  There are many wildflower hotspots within this region. We are fortunate to have Banksia, Hakeas, Grevilleas, Hoveas and more.  Wildflower spotting is a great way of enjoying nature. Take your camera and see what you can find.



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