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Get wild about The Bibbulmun Track

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It’s time to get excited folks. Very soon the wildflowers will be upon us as we head into spring (Sept – Oct). This is a great time to be out and about in nature.  The Bibbulmun Track is Western Australia’s long distance walking trial stretching from the hills of Perth to Albany in the south. It is just short of the magic 1000km mark but by the time you do all the lookouts and side journeys you are well and truly there. Many people I speak to have heard of the track but are not sure how to engage with it. The best way is to start small with a day walk and build from there. Of course you will always get much more out of the experience if you go with a local expert guide to help you understand the amazing biodiversity of the landscape.  Some of the best sections of the Track are in the southern half, especially the sections near Albany, Denmark and Walpole. You will meander along beaches, forests, cliff tops and even paddle a canoe across an inlet! All part and parcel of the adventure. The image depicted above is of the waugal sometimes also known as the rainbow serpent. These track markers are used to help keep you on track throughout your journey. The Track itself is named after the Bibbulmun Noongar people, an aboriginal group who traveled long distances to ceremonies.  There are also plenty of great huts along the way to give you some shelter and respite. However, for those who want a bit more comfort and like to have a hot shower, a nice meal and comfortable bed it doesn’t get much better than a Wilderness Getaways package. This is a one stop shop for all your Bibbulmun needs in the southern half. Go with the experts and take the worry out of planning, navigating, carrying heavy packs and dealing with snakes! The Bibbulmun is an experience that has to be had. Get inspired and happy walking.


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