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Posted by: adventuredoctor | June 15, 2014

The Great South West Edge is World Cup Class

Wow … what a journey it has been. Even Lionel Messi will need a holiday now that The World Cup drama in Brazil has finished. You too can start making plans to visit The Great South West Edge on your next holiday to Australia and discover the biodiversity difference. See where the forest meets the sea.

Get inspired and get going. Open the door to your new life and live the life you have always dreamed of, dare to dream and then live the dream. Experience it yourself. Do you want to go now? See the video and fly like an eagle. An adventure that just keeps on giving you more. Wash away your stress, have fun and stay young in The Great South West Edge. Don’t miss this ecotourism hotspot next time your in the wild west, Western Australia. Be smart and go with the best.

About the author: David Bomba, founder & director, a leader in ecotourism @OutofSightTours. He specialises in tour guiding, adventure, innovation and social media. You can also follow Dave’s travel adventures on Google+ and Twitter.

For more information

What is The Great South West Edge?

Nature Series The Great South West Edge – YouTube

Lots to see and do in The Great South West Edge

Take a trip on the wild side – YouTube

Posted by: adventuredoctor | May 13, 2014

A sneak preview – fun & adventure in WA!

Stay tuned for a fun series about the South West of Western Australia featuring Dr Dave. Stars Alex James and Matt Stone peek over the edge of West Cape Howe in an episode not to be missed!

Recipes that Rock Part 2 – The Great Southern – The new series is on-air from May 16 (in Australia) on Channel 628 on Foxtel, Nat Geo People – National Geographic Channel AU. Lots of good food, fun and adventure, click here for a sneak preview!

More info

Aussie Recipes that Rock Season 2 Premiere

Aussie Recipes that Rock – YouTube

National Geographic Channel AU

Posted by: adventuredoctor | May 3, 2014

It doesn’t get any better than this …

Blow my mind, I’m just wrapped to be part of helping people to live the dream!

Hi Dave, just a quick note to thank you for the excellent tour to West Cape
Howe NP.

I’m now back in the office and back to reality after such an incredible trip
down south to Denmark.

We loved the place so much we put an offer on a property there and has since
been accepted, so Denmark will now be a part of our lives into the future.

Felicity and I had an opportunity we would not normally get because we don’t
have a 4×4, and we don’t have the firsthand experience that you have.

You passion for the area whether the extraordinary Dolerite cliffs, secret
surf spots, native flora and fauna, and sheer power of the ocean provided a
beautiful insight into this unique region.

The icing on the cake however was the view to Shelley Beach from the hill
where we had the privilege of seeing a large school of salmon being
corralled by a school of very large sharks.

See you again, thanks from Mark and Felicity

Posted by: adventuredoctor | April 23, 2014

Gondwana Jigsaw


I revisited this classic piece on Gondwana, an oldie but a goodie, just in time for the coming winter, as the swell builds the waves are coming. There will be high drama at West Cape Howe yet again!

Originally posted on Out and About in Denmark WA:

I’ve been pondering the mystery of our land’s ancient past. The significance of Gondwanaland to our present-day landscape was brought into stark relief today when Dr Dave returned from a stunning day tour to West Cape Howe National Park where the wild weather revealed the awesome power of the southern ocean. He burst into Adventure HQ, the wind having whipped his hair into a frenzy, bursting to tell me about the massive waves that had lept up the cliff face, spraying everyone with salt mist. Apparently it precipitated a photographic frenzy, that ended in all cameras running out of power!

West Cape Howe at its best

This shot reveals some of the story and raises the question: How do we know that Antarctica and Australia were joined?

West Cape Howe is the ideal location to learn about Gondwana and our ancient links to Antarctica. These stone cliffs, which drop 80 metres…

View original 260 more words

Posted by: adventuredoctor | March 18, 2014

Who’s who in tourism

The who’s who in tourism – hints and tips for old and new players in the tourism industry.

Want to be the best at what you do? Then come along to this special showcase of excellence featuring the best of the best in tourism.

Great advice will be on offer from experts in the tourism industry. Let the pros guide you through the tourism jungle by giving you some of their insights. See the event details below.

Event program

Event program

What a feeling!!

What a feeling!!

Posted by: adventuredoctor | February 9, 2014

The Rock Star, The Chef & Dr Dave

The Rock Star, The Chef & Dr Dave

Move over Sochi, here comes a hard to beat gold medal combination of Alex, Matt & Dave! Jokes aside, but seriously, we have Alex James from the famous British rock band Blur, Matt Stone, head chef from Greenhouse Perth and our very own, The Adventure Doctor, Dave. Talk about Recipes that Rock, we just had to share this photo taken at our very own Rock, West Cape Howe. For more, see our Facebook page. Enjoy!

Posted by: adventuredoctor | January 18, 2014

Canoe the famous Denmark River


There is no better way to experience the area’s sights and sounds than from the water. Imagine yourself paddling along the Denmark River, gazing up at the magnificent Karri trees and paperbarks that line the tranquil river bank. The Denmark River has an abundance of water birds you can try and spot on the way. Canoe or kayak hire includes lifejackets and paddles. Double or single kayaks also available. Just come ready to have fun on the river! Not to be missed when in Denmark, Western Australia.

Posted by: adventuredoctor | December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays from Out of Sight Tours

The best of 2013, read all about it. As Dave says, “dare to dream and then live the dream”


Posted by: adventuredoctor | December 16, 2013

What does adventure mean to you?

The Great South West Edge

West Cape Howe National Park – The Great South West Edge

By David Bomba

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that adventure means different things to different people. One person may experience an adrenalin rush from climbing mountains while another person may achieve a sense of adventure while photographing wildflowers on a bushwalk.

For me adventure is about engaging with the landscape in order to develop a deeper appreciation of an area’s unique ecology. One of my greatest joys is finding a new (for me) plant or observing a new bird species, and then understanding how and why that plant or animal is where it is. It is the interconnectivity of geology, flora and fauna that I find truly awe-inspiring.

I’m fortunate to live in a part of the world still dominated by wilderness, and to work in a job that allows me to indulge my love of adventure and exploration. I get my daily dose of inspiration by discovering isolated terrestrial and marine environments in national parks and nature reserves, and by exploring inlets, rivers and coastlines. But, for me, the joy of adventure not only means taking time out to connect with diverse landscapes, but also to understand and meet the people who inhabit them. After all, while adventure is often associated with a personal sense of accomplishment for having reached a set objective and overcoming challenges along the way, it becomes all the more real and exciting when you get to share it with others.

What does adventure mean to you?

For Adventure, Dr Dave style, be inspired by my Postcards WA episode.

Need more inspiration? Then have a look at: Walking the Bibbulmun Track and Cycle the Munda Biddi Trail - two of my favourite trails in Australia’s South West.

About the author: David Bomba, founder & director, a leader in ecotourism @OutofSightTours. He specialises in tour guiding, adventure, innovation and social media. Connect and share with David on  Google+

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